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Illustration of "Projects: TODO and NOTES"

In my work environment, I mean archlinux+i3+terminology, I wanted something quick and clean to take notes and keep a sorted todo list.

I wrote those projects (the links are my personal mirror of github repositories):

  • todo: todo "a new task" --date 04/01
  • notes: notes "a new note"

Its clear, quick, scriptable, no internet requirement. The best I can do for my own use. Maybe your's. Its easy to combine it with a script to auto-publish notes like on my website: https://www.nephos.xyz/notes/

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News, rss feed, json api

Today, I added a RSS feed to the blog (see the navbar above). It comes with several additions (JSON api).


I added during the last weeks new systems: a PDF / LaTeX / Markdown export for every article, and also a bibtex citation export.

For those who might want to install the blog, it is possible to clone and install this repository on github. The admin view has only few differences. A Post list, and the buttons Update / Destroy which can modify the blog without leaving the main view.

Illustration of "System security 22 1/2"

ENT test

Find false randomness (not a proof to true randomness)

  • entropy
  • compression
  • chi-square
  • arithmetic mean
  • montecarlo estimation for PI
  • serial correlation coefficient)


Example: Entropy = 7.980627 bits per character.

Optimum compression would reduce the size
of this 51768 character file by 0 percent.

Chi square distribution for 51768 samples is 1542.26, and randomly
would exceed this value less than 0.01 percent of the times.

Arithmetic mean value of data bytes is 125.93 (127.5 = random).
Monte Carlo value for Pi is 3.169834647 (error 0.90 percent).
Serial correlation coefficient is 0.004249 (totally uncorrelated = 0.0).
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DRM: CSS, DeCSS, ...


  • Encrypt DVD (expensive key buy by microsoft for example)
  • Weak cryptography 40 bits (history)
  • Several keys (disk, titles, videos, ...)
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